Loughton County High School for Girls
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As we are unlikely to get many identifications of pupils for this photo I am not numbering it.
However, if you can identify anyone, please email me giving me some identifying description (eg hair style or behind teacher ..)
Some of the teachers in this photo are also in the 1935 one, including, of course, Miss Hall

This photo was sent to me by Penny Worms whose Grandmother is identified.
Penny told me "Her name was Margaret Lucy Bugler, b. 1910. She lived in Loughton. From there she moved to London with husband Edward (Ned) Parker and had three children. She then lived a long and happy life in Kemsing in Kent. She died in 2008, still with her physical and mental faculties, just failing eyesight. After Ned, her garden was her love."
Miss Mather should be in this photo but I haven't spotted her yet. Any other identifications will be most welcome
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I was also sent a copy of this photo by the daughter of Patricia Wilkins.
Patricia is identified sitting on the grass in the front row.
Many thanks to Carolyn for sending the photo along with many other items belonging to her mother.