Loughton County High School for Girls
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School Assemblies
The School Prayer
O Lord, our heavenly Father, by whose Spirit Man is taught knowledge, who givest wisdom to all them that ask Thee, grant Thy blessing, we beseech thee, to the teachers and pupils of this school, and help us in the work that Thou hast given us to do: enable all of us to labour diligently and faithfully,
not with eye-service, but in singleness of heart, remembering that without Thee we can do nothing, and that in Thy fear is the beginning of wisdom.
Open Thou our eyes to know Thy marvellous work, to search out our own spirits and to understand the wondrous things of Thy law.
Of thy great goodness pour into our hearts the excellent gift of charity, and grant that in meekness, truth and purity we may glorify Thee,
the Father of Light, through Thy blessed Son, the Light that lighteth every man, Jesus Christ, our Lord.
I still remember my very first school assembly. I didn't know anyone since no other girls from my junior school had chosen to come to LHS but I had said hello to the girl sitting next to me on the floor. I don't remember much about the service that day but I do remember the pins and needles in my legs and feet when we were finally allowed to stand up and file out!
Miss Heald would give out notices including admonitions when un-named persons had been caught misbehaving. I remember her scandalised tone when she said she'd received a telephone call from a friend informing her that two pupils were seen in Loughton High Road eating ice creams while wearing school uniform.
There was always a piece of music played during assembly to encourage our appreciation of classical music and to give a moment of quiet reflection. It was during this time that I first heard the glorious treble voice of Roy Goodman performing Allegri's Miserere with the Kings College Choir - I still love to hear it now - no other soloist has come close in my opinion. At the other end of the scale though was the occasion when the sixth form were allowed to prepare and present assembly without any teacher interference and their chosen piece of music was Serge Gainsbourg's "Je T'Aime" featuring Jane Birkin. Interesting choice.....
Assembly on the last day of term - we filed out by class to the stirring sounds of Miss James playing the RAF March
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School Hymn
Thanks to Christine Edwards for this photo of the hymn book with Miss James' signature, and to Anne Cope, daughter of Gwenyth Spaul, for the school hymn