Loughton County High School for Girls
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As we are unlikely to get many identifications of pupils for this photo I am not numbering everyone, just the teachers. However, if you can identify anyone, please email me giving the section number and the approximate grid reference and some identifying description (eg hair style or behind teacher xx  etc - anything that will help. I'll then mark them with a name and arrow.
The teachers ID list is below. All additions gratefully received!
1935 1 1935 2 1935 3 1935 4
1935 1 1935 2 1935 3 1935 4
I would like to thank Jo Mullin for sending me this photo which was found in her aunt's effects.
Jo's mother, Jean Sherlock, and Jean's sister Patricia (Jo's aunt), both attended LHS
as did Jean's friend Marguerite, but her maiden name is unknown. Jo told me:
"Sherlock was their maiden name. Pat was born on 31st July 1919 and my mother, Jean, on 21st June 1921.
They had a younger brother, Doug, born  7 February 1924. He went to  Chigwell  School. Apparently lots of the girls' brothers went there. Marguerite was called Crompton when she married.   They both got married in the war or at the end and my mother had Marguerite's wedding dress and then her cousin Mary (who did not go to the school) had it because they were hard to come by on and just after the war. Jo "
The plywood onto which the panorama was glued has broken into sections, with resulting rips to the photo.
I have scanned the sections while still attached to the wood which unfortunately is slightly bowed due to drying out, resulting in
less clear images in the centre of each section. I am going to try, very carefully, to remove the photo from the wood.
If I can do it, I will re-scan the photo but it will be a slow process, if I can do it at all - it is firmly stuck.
1  -
4  -
7  -
10 - Miss Ayres (PE)
13 - Miss Hall (Headmistress)
16 -
19 -
22 -
2  -
5  -
8  - Miss Silvester (Chemistry)
11 - Miss Darch (English ?)
14 -
17 -
20 -
23 -
3  - Miss Cowmeadow  (geography)
6  -
9  -
12 -
15 -
18 -
21 -
24 -
Teachers Named