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The original plan was to build a searchable database of as many pupils and staff, as we could. It was to be based on the one held by the Buckhurst Hill County High Old Boys Association. However, I have not been able to manage to set up an online database with search facility and current data protection changes (see below) now make it unwise to do so. After 5 years there are still only around 150 entries, mostly from 60s and 70s pupils. Buckhurst Hill post out a printed newsletter. With this website arriving so late in our lives and so little new information being available, a newsletter is not going to be viable so I have decided to simplify the database to only include email contact and I have removed all telephone numbers and postal addresses from my records. The most important info from my point of view is to have the names you were known by at school and the years you were there, pointing out if you did not start in the first form.

As your email address is the only point of contact that I will now hold it is very important that you let me know if your email address changes.

The detail of the database is completely confidential, known only to myself (Sue Capes) as administrator and it is subject to the Data Protection Act. Your details will never be sold or passed on in any way to any third party, nor to anyone connected with Loughton County High School without your permission, and should it become necessary to close down the website, all personal data will be fully deleted.

The way it works is that you contact me to ask if a person, or anyone from your year (for example) is on the database. I then tell you if I have an email address for that person or give you names (no contact details) of any girls from the year in question. Then, at your request, I will contact that person on your behalf, giving your email address, and she, or they, would then be free to contact you if they/she wish(es).

Originally I had an input form on this page but recent data protection and security changes mean that unless I buy an SSL Certificate to attach to the site (making it https rather than the http it is now)  It will constantly be highlighted as insecure.

In order to avoid additional expense I have decided to accept only email entries from now (May 2018).
From a security point of view this is no different as the input form came to me as an email anyway, but hopefully it will avoid the LCHS site being flagged as insecure. I have therefore removed the input form from this page.

To be added to the database, please email me with 'database' in the subject line
and include the following information:

Your first name(s)
Your surname at school
Your surname now
The year group you were in, showing all 7 years - eg: 1970 - 1977, even if you weren't at school for the full 7 years.
The year you joined the school (some people joined after moving to the area, some just came for 6th form)
Your contact email address if different to the one you send from
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